Three Special Things…

Mr TumbleMy little girl is a HUGE Mr Tumble fan. So much so that she reenacts the “spotty bag” routine and the mighty Tumble is one of the many reasons why we have chosen to attend Camp Bestival.

In preparation she has watched, many a time now, the episode where Justin goes to Wychwood festival and meets a family for some festival fun.

So I have come up with the idea (must be the nursery nurse in me) of putting together pictures of “3 special things” to find each day to give her a focus really.

I’m thinking things like –

  • Lulworth Castle
  • Mr Tumble (naturally)
  • Face painting
  • A band (well you could have one a day I guess!)
  • Pie stall (suggested by my husband!)
  • Zingzillas
  • A fairground ride
  • Ice cream van/stall
  • A princess

I put a Something Special magazine, a Zingzillas magazine in a Bookstart book bag. Along with her squiggle pad (like a magnadoodle), a small pad, a couple of favourite books, and crayons. At least with crayons you won’t lose their lids.

A friend suggested a bubble sword because every child loves bubbles and a small football. I don’t really want to take anything more than that. It’s mainly for entertaining her as we put up the tent. As informed on a forum about how much damage stickers can cause to tents I WILL be confiscating all magazine stickers before hand! I don’t want any bulky toys to have to lug around as we already have enough to carry.

There’s also in car entertainment to think about, such as in car DVD players. We are umming and ahhing as to whether to get one for the (very long) journey but then I think our parents coped back in the 80’s surely we can cope now? Can’t we?

Another suggestion was using a puppet on the car journey. We have an elephant puppet somewhere which could come along for the ride. The great thing about this is it can be used from the front passenger seat to distract your child or children from those whingy moments.

For older children playing I-Spy, car spotting (give them a list of cars to find, for younger children maybe get them to spot red or blue cars or Iceland lorries like we do) or the pub sign game which I picked up from a parenting website (count the number of heads, arms and legs on a pub sign e.g. Red Lion (4 legs), King’s Head (1 head), keep a tally of them and count up who has found the most at the next break stop. Good luck if you pass The Fox and Hounds!

Fingers crossed the journey will go smoothly. We are taking lots of breaks and taking our time so should be relaxed for everyone.

Note from Romany: There is a great CampBesti Bingo game on the the CampBesti Blog

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