Camper Jam 2012 Review

Camper Jam 2012 weather: More sun than rain, some even got sunburn!

Review by Cerid (with 3 kids, aged 15mths, 8 and 11)

Getting there and arriving:

The ground was very soft from too much rain previously, but they worked well with what they had. They only had 1 tractor though, and it was kept extremely busy I might add, towing people out that had got stuck in the mud.

We did have to queue on quite a dangerous road until the park owners eventually let us queue on the grounds of the beautiful 1000 acre woodland park- Weston Park. We were sent round the houses, in terms of where to park and in the end we just parked where we could, and where the tractor towed us to, after being the millionth person to get stuck in the mud!!


Good music but limited kids activities (apart from the usual fair rides that cost). We enjoyed looking around the stalls and listening to the bands in the evening.

As with all VW festivals, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful and there was a fab ambience throughout, despite increasing amounts of mud, mud, and more mud!! Great fun though and kids enjoyed in their wellies!!

Top tip:

VW festivals are great places to go with families. Very friendly bunch of VW lovers that all enjoy getting together in a family friendly atmosphere to enjoy, unwind, and chill- as best you can with a young family lol 😉

What would you do to improve the event?

More activities for kids and not just the young kids either, oh and free activities too! Kids hammered our wallets as it was, so would have been great to see some free activities, like circus skill workshops,  graffiti workshops, etc. reasonably priced toddler carrying vehicle hire – such as those Radio Flyers – but without extortionate hire costs!

Site and Facilities:

Plenty of portable loos everywhere! Mobile coverage was good, enabling plenty of photo uploading to Facebook! The family field was very close to everything as well, which is always a big bonus!! Lovely farm shop on site too!! Spent small fortune in there!

Did you feel safe?

Yes, no shortage of staff around, ready and willing with friendly smiles

Most memorable moment?

Very helpful and friendly steward that helped me wash off some of the caked on mud from the buggy wheels! Yes, all the staff were fab and we had a lovely farewell too as we drove towards the gates to leave a bunch of the stewards at the hut (patrolling the exit I guess) –  all waved us off, and they did this to every single van/car going.

Will you be going again?

Oh yes!



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For more information about Camper Jam, please visit our Festival Factsheet for families

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