Fire Pit Review

portable fire pitAs our children are older now we tend to spend most of our evenings at the tent, so last year I decided to invest in a portable fire pit. Lighter than a BBQ, they can burn both charcoal and wood so seemed like an ideal bit of festival gear. Most festivals will allow fire pits, but always check the festival website before you go.

After reading a few reviews I chose this one, La Hacienda 58106. This fire pit is a good size and can take both wood and charcoal.

How was the fire pit tested?

fire pit cookingWe first took it to Farmer Phil‘s festival – a festival where you camp by your car so can take as much stuff as you like! The festival is also on farmland, so if you carry a saw (or borrow one from friendly neighbours as we did) you can get your fuel for free.

This was very much a camping festival and we spent a lot of time by the tent. We had a few BBQs which was great. The best part was sitting round the fire in the evenings with the children burning marshmallows, then watching the stars. For Farmer Phils in my opinion a fire pit is an absolute essential!

We loved it so much we decided to take it to Green Man the following week. It has stood up to some terrible weather and has held up fine. It has now become a permanent part of our festival kit.

So what did we think?


  • It was lightweight and came packed in a fabric bag. The legs folded down which made it relatively compact.
  • We cooked with both coal and firewood successfully.
  • The grill was a great size. It was special to be able to collect firewood and use it to cook with.
  • It was very easy to clean out.
  • The top cover was useful when there was a bit of wind. It kept wood and sparks from flying out so made it safer to sit around


  • It’s not the smallest one available. If space in your car is an issue it might be too big for you.
  • It doesn’t have a hole in the bottom so fills up with water if you leave it outside. This is easily solved by tipping it over before going out for the day!
  • As it’s off the floor it needed a shelter/wind break when there was strong winds. However this will be the same for any fire pit.

Overall we thought the fire pit was superb, excellent value for money and ticked all the boxes.


We bought some BBQ tongs and gloves to make sure not to burn our hands. And of course don’t forget the marshmallows and a long stick!

Happy cooking!

I bought this fire pit and have not been paid for this review. However I do receive a small commission when you click through the link and buy something. All money goes towards keeping this website afloat!

Thank you