Oliver Bear

OliverThis is Oliver Bear. 

Oliver Bear will be going to Bearded Theory, Blissfields, Wilderness, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Latitude this summer.

Within Angel Gardens, kids can hear the story of Oliver – a Bear who lived at home with a boy, but boy grew up leaving Oliver feeling unloved and lonely.  On meeting Trixie the Magic Caravan, Oliver Bear visits loads of different festivals until he finds a new place and new friends to enjoy.

You can also pick up your own Oliver Bear free of charge from Angel Gardens and join Oliver Bear on his travels. Take your Oliver Bear all around the world with you, take photos of him and share them.  Oliver’s story is full of fun and adventure and you will learn all the songs, actions and moves when you come and visit Angel Gardens at story time.  The yoga lady will also be creating a session based on the moves.

Once your kids have picked up their Oliver Bear, the idea is that every time they do an activity or workshop they get a stamp on his back, and they can colour him in and decorate him.  They are  invited to travel with him and take photos of him all over the world to share on his Facebook page and website (coming soon).

The book will be available to buy too – there are colouring pages in it and stickers of Trixie caravan.  This will be a lovely way for you to remember your child’s festival experiences as you read the book together over the years to come.

Oliver Bear is a heart-warming story with an undertone of acceptance and friendship, written by Angel Sam and illustrated by Lisa Igo.  


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