Babywearing at Festivals

Toddler_Carrier_mediumAngeline Braidwood, owner of Sleepy Nico, tells us why babywearing is so good for festivals and gives us her tips for choosing the best baby carrier for you…

If you were lucky enough to spend a magical weekend at the Just So Festival in Cheshire last year you may have seen or even made use of the free sling hire that was available. Chester Sling Library had a popular stall just at the entrance of the festival and parents could leave a deposit (cash, car keys) and borrow a sling or baby carrier. Amanda and Lucy who ran the stall also gave out lots of advice and showed everyone how to use the sling of their choice. It was conveniently located next to the buggy park!

The last time I was at Glastonbury festival I saw a family struggling over the fields with a pushchair and despite the lovely weather it looked like such hard work. So why take a sling with you to a festival this summer?

Anna BurrowsTransport

Festivals, whether a small family friendly day or a big crowded music weekend can involve a lot of walking. Whether you are taking an infant, toddler or young child they will at some point need help – a sling is ideal.

“There is no way we could have navigated the crowds using a pram so the sling was invaluable for taking our baby across the site.” says Becca, who took Emily to Tramlines in 2013.

Great View

Children in buggies see less, a sling gives your child a fantastic viewpoint and for a younger child on your front it gives them the opportunity to turn away if it is all too much.

Becca Zasada Festival ShotSafety

When your baby or toddler are in a sling you know where they are, which is crucial at all times.

Bigger Kids

Even your big ‘independent’ child feels tired at the end of the day, so instead of a piggyback back to the tent they just hop up in a sling, you’ve hands free for other children, bags or maybe even helping your partner!

Family Time

Everything you enjoy about festivals your little one will be able to as well, they will still get to experience something new and exciting with the security of being as close to a parent as they can possibly be.

Which sling to buy?

When it comes to choosing a sling, find what suits you and your children best. It might be a ring sling for easy hip carries, a soft structured carrier for simple in and out on your back or front, or a gorgeous wrap to hold your newborn tight and breastfeed discretely. Contact your local sling library to try a selection on – has a comprehensive list. For more information about using a sling and safe babywearing visit

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy babywearing.

Angeline x