The beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens…

Larmer Luminaries – hidden doors dedicated to inspirational souls

The Larmer Tree Gardens are stunning at any time of year, but while the Larmer Tree Festival is taking place they come alive with the most gorgeous lighting effects and magical artistic treasures, just waiting to be discovered.  Each year my family heads straight to the Lostwood as soon as dusk falls to see what creative genius will await us amidst the trees…

In 2011, an exciting new and special site art project was commissioned, not just for the five-day annual festival, but as a permanent installation…

Simon Sinkinson’s ode to the influential people in Larmer Tree’s history: the ‘Larmer Luminaries’.

Can you find all 10 magical doors?

To commemorate the Larmer Tree Festival’s 21st year, Directors James Shepard and Julia Safe wanted to recognise some of the people who are no longer here but have helped shape the gardens and the festival.  The Directors commissioned local artist and thatcher Simon Sinkinson to create a series of 10 miniature woodland doors, all dedicated to the ‘Larmer Luminaries’.  Each beautifully crafted and individual door is installed at the base of one of the garden’s most stately trees to form a permanent and befitting tribute.

My girls spent ages searching for the tiny doors, hoping to be inspired by the spirits of those to whom each is dedicated…  Throughout the five days we found 6 out of the 10.  They can’t wait for next year to find the rest!

Simon Sinkinson’s website can be found at

For more information about the festival, see our Larmer Tree Festival Factsheet, or visit

Larmer Tree Gardens is also the venue for End of the Road Festival in early September each year.

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