England’s Medieval Festival ticket offer!

A totally immersive experience

Watch history and fun collide in an epic explosion!

Every August Bank Holiday weekend thousands of guests take a trip back in time to Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex and experience the glory, gallantry, and gore of medieval times.


England’s Medieval Festival is a one-of-a-kind event with a very special blend of history and fun for the whole family. A warm welcome awaits at the largest and most immersive historical experience in the UK. From the moment you arrive, you are surrounded by the sights, sounds and excitement of medieval times. The Festival Kidz team have attended a lot of festivals and this is a weekend like no other, which is why it’s won our stamp of approval as one of the Best Festivals for families in 2018.

Read our festival factsheet for more info and family reviews.

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31 thoughts on “England’s Medieval Festival ticket offer!

  1. I would love to visit the roaring 20s however for my daughter there would be no other place in time than medieval England :]

  2. I would love to meet Queen Elizabeth l at Hampton Court alongside watching plays and dressing up in the up to date fashion of that period of time.

  3. Medieval times!! Love jousting!! A knight fighting for my honour!!😍

  4. We would like to see the Vikings to see how they made their boats and clothes.

  5. I would just love to have seen Elvis in his black leather heyday. Failing that how amazing to have seen real life dinosaurs roam the earth or meet Henry VIII, or change history and stop a couple of wars. So many wonderful eras, I can’t decide.

  6. Id love to visit a period where archery was at its peak; fletching arrows from scavenged materials, perched on a tree sharpening my arrow tips with a dagger I forged myself. That would be enthralling.

  7. I would like to visit San Francisco in the summer of 1967.

  8. I’d like to join the outlaws in the forest during the reign of King Richard III

  9. I would love to go back to the time When Sigirya rock made as a kingdom in Sri Lanka.

  10. I would love to watch real -life dinosaurs -preferably from a distance 😉

  11. This looks amazing! Would love to visit the High Middle Ages and try my hand at some jousting…

  12. Probably to see Stonehenge being built and asks what exactly it’s for 😬

  13. Would be a flying visit to see the dinosaurs then would be king Arthur and Merlin. Try to become a knight at the round table

  14. I would like to visit Jerusalem in the time of the third crusade with Richard the lion heart !

  15. I would visit Avebury standing stones so I could understand why and how people made these amazing monuments

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