2021 Family Festivals and Camps

With summer holidays still so unknown and the list of what we can and can’t do changing daily, we thought we’d put together this little guide to 2021 small family festivals and camps you can book now. Hopefully, it will help with your summer plans.

Please do add a comment below if you’d like to recommend small family festivals or family camps happening in 2021 that still have tickets available. Let’s support our beloved festival industry after such a challenging year. Let’s save summer!

We are still clinging on to dancing in a field with strangers while the kids run wild in the sunshine. Surely there is somewhere to wear all that fancy dress this year? Have faith people… we will get through this!!

2021 Family Festivals and Camps

We haven’t attended all of these family festivals and camps and many are new for 2021. Don’t forget to tell us about any we’ve missed in the comments below. We wish all those working on keeping family friendly adventures alive this summer the best of luck. See you in the fields!