Hard Rock Calling 2010 Review

Hard Rock Calling 2010 – Reviewed by: Clairem

What was the weather like?

Really good

How old were your kids?

9 months

Arriving and setting up camp:

Got a train and then tube. Easy to get to! Day festival so no camping.

What was the entertainment like?  Kids Activities / Line up etc,

Line up good. No children’s activities. My son enjoyed sitting on a playmat with his rattles and watching all the people!

What would you change / improve (if anything)?

More variety or food other than burgers chips and pizza… some more healthy options would be nice.

Site and Facilities:

Reasonable toilets and quite clean. Site got quite busy but not rowdy with most people choosing to picnic and stay seated.

Any other comments and your Top Tip?

Take a pop up sun tent if the weather is hot or a shade for your pushchair. Better day festival for babies who are not mobile rather than toddlers who want to run around or slightly older children.

Did you feel safe?


Would you go again?

Yes but not with my son who is now older and mobile


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