Popblast Festival 4 Kids 2011 Review

Review by Karon Louise

What was the weather like?

Scorching, 30′ hate to say it but a little too hot… only a few gazebos for cover in main area and was on concrete… not soft ground, but there were lots of picnic benches! No water facilities except drinking water in toilets but first aid crew were great with overheated kids!

How old were your kids?

4 and 9

Getting there:

No camping as it was a dayfest over 2 days,  not well signposted at all, but was located inside and outside Activity World play area so parking right across the road and friendly security and organisers. All children given name/tel number wristbands on entry.

dance popblastQuality of Activities:

Lots of fun stands, charity stands, freebies, bouncy castles, ice skating, Eureka science tent, Fingerprinting/spy tent/reptiles to hold, arts and crafts…and huge indoor fun soft play area-something for all ages! My boys loved the one main stage with dancers, Popblast band, childrens entertainer and competitions with popblast prizes… Much interaction by Cbeebies Sid who my 4 year old followed around all day!!  Majorettes were superb, all in all a fun day out, all free apart from the slush drinks and ice creams which were very reasonably priced!!    Very happy vibe all day, was much quieter than expected but I believe this was because the weather forecast was a scorching 30′, but everyone was so friendly and happily sweltering together lol!!…

skating rink
Skating Rink

Obvious it was a new festival as there were few moments of… ‘what’s going on here now then’ with the main stage… but it was not noticed by the children at all… Hopefully next year they will have sorted out the teething problems and have more entertainment to engage the children so that there is something going on at all times.

Any other comments and Top Tips:

Make sure you look at what’s offered in all the tents… there was things to do for all ages up to about 12 years, some only for big ‘uns, some only for little ‘uns, but a good mix and sessions of play every 30 mins worked well.

Facilities on-site:

Main building had all the facilities expected of a child’s play venue… clean toilets, cafe, BBQ, ice cream van… outside area very compact around main stage, easy for parents to watch children play wherever they were.

Having the ‘festival’ held in a concrete yard was a bit odd, as it lacked the opportunity to just lie on the grass soaking up the atmosphere.  There were lots of picnic benches, but it’s just not the same as a nice green field.

Did it feel safe?

Very clean and safe… no alcohol, no bars and 100% geared for children.

Would you go again?

Would probably go again, but please note it’s not a music fest for adults and kids, but a fun day out for parents wanting to please their children rather than enjoy themselves!!


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