Boomtown 2019 Review

Boomtown 2019 was another whirlwind of music, colour, laughter and good family times. I don’t usually want to hype a festival up too much in case people are disappointed. With Boomtown there are no such worries. Despite being up against some of the worst weather I’ve seen at a festival. Boomtown was an exceptional weekend […]

Boomtown 2018 Review

The Greatest Show My first Boomtown was like a child’s first visit to the circus. Bright lights, sound, whirling colour, and with that sense of genuine excitement and adventure you feel when you have no idea what’s going to happen next. From the moment we walked out over the wonderfully relaxed Whistlers Green to look […]

Boomtown 2017 review

Boomtown is a 60,000 person capacity music festival held on the Matterley Estate, Winchester in August and has been running since 2009. It is described by the organisers as a pop up city of wonderment, theatre, escapism and community with eleven districts filled with a fully immersive and theatrically led experience, with hundreds of actors […]

BoomTown 2014 Review

7-11th August 2014 One CRAZY pop-up city! Review by Sarah, Jeff, Ash (aged 15) and Poppy (aged 8) We drove from Brighton on Thursday the 7th excited and looking forward to our very first Boomtown Fair experience with our two children Ash (15) and Poppy (8). The sun shone, radio played and we set off. […]

Nozstock 2023 Review

Nozstock we love you! What an absolute little gem to discover with our teenagers. A proper little party festival! Thank you, thank you thank you for the most epic of 25th birthday parties. Our first but definitely not our last Nozstock adventure! Take a flick through the gallery below.

Into The Boomtown Maze…

If you’re going to Boomtown for the first time this year, you might have heard about the Boomtown Maze. But do you know what it is or how to get round it? If this is something you have been wondering, or if you want some inside information on The Maze this year, I have written […]

Boomtown! Parents Meetup

For all those going to Boomtown this year… We are introducing the first Boomtown Festival Kidz Parents Meetup! If like us, you don’t have any friends who would even attempt Boomtown, why not meet up with me and a few other parents for a night out?

Boomtown – It’s Dare!

Gorillaz, craziness and more at 2018’s Boomtown Fair I have been wanting to go to Boomtown for so long and we are finally going for the first time this year. I admit I have what could amount to an obsession with interactive and immersive theatre. It was a love I discovered at Glastonbury Festival more […]


Parent Reviews: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014 Please note: In 2024 Boomtown moves to 18+ so no longer allow kids. In 2022 Boomtown removed their children’s field and dedicated family facilities.  The following was written when Boomtown still welcomes families. We hope one day this magic will return!  A pop-up city where the impossible is […]