Cornbury Music Festival 2018 Review

The ‘return’ of Cornbury in all its glory… Cornbury Music Festival, set in the Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire, is possibly about as traditionally ‘British’ as you can get.  If it wasn’t for the huge stages and campsites, one might be forgiven for thinking one might have stumbled upon a rather large village fete complete with […]

Cornbury Music Festival 2017 Review

When anything that has been loved comes to an end, there is inevitably a celebration of its existence intermingled with a sense of loss. These emotions could be felt across the Cornbury site all weekend. The sun shone, the music played and the crowd partied. The 14th and final Cornbury Festival definitely went out with […]

Cornbury 2016 Review

Dancing, relaxing, playing, laughing, feasting… These are the first five words that spring to mind when I think back on our four days at Cornbury. I think it’s testament to a really great festival, especially where children are involved, when you can come back feeling relaxed and switched off. We were lucky to have exactly […]

Cornbury 2015 Review

I didn’t really know what to expect from Cornbury 2015 – having read words like ‘genteel’ and ‘civilised’ thrown at it, and being well aware of its location near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, home of the ‘Chipping Norton set’ I feared we commoners may be a little out of place.

Cornbury 2014 Review

Cornbury Music Festival 2014 Review by Ellie Allen and family “Are we nearly there yet?” My husband and I, along with our two boys (ages seven and eight) have been looking forward to this festival for weeks! Finally the day arrived and after a busy day at work and school, we were on our way. […]

Cornbury 2012 Review

Cornbury Festival 2012 by Karon and her 2 boys, aged 5 and 10 Friday – Day One Our much anticipated fun weekend at the fabulous Cornbury Festival began on Friday afternoon as we headed towards the beautiful countryside of Great Tew, Oxfordshire. The sky was full of grey rain clouds but our mood was light as […]

Cornbury’s all-female Saturday bill!

It feels like no time at all since we were lamenting the loss of Cornbury Festival in our 2017 review. Last summer, the Cornbury faithful were told, would see the last ever Cornbury. Skip to October: the news came in our mailbox that promoter Hugh Philimore, off the back of a huge public response, had […]


Where posh and festivals meet… This year sees the 14th and final Cornbury Music Festival. Set in the gorgeous Great Tew Park in Oxfordshire, Cornbury has welcomed Festival Kidz warmly for many years. It is a great introduction to festivals for people with children.