Valley Fest 2022 Review

My kids have a new favourite thing. It involves a man in a full body chain mail suit, climbing on top of a massive van der graaf generator, and firing lighting from his hands.  I’m not sure how I’m going to top that this summer.

Valley Fest 2017 Review

Valley Fest was one of the most perfect family friendly festivals I’ve ever been to. It had everything – a beautiful setting, loads of activities, great music for adults, a friendly vibe, excellent organisation and the most lovely stewards you will ever meet. It’s difficult to find anything about it we didn’t like, except possibly that […]

Best Family Friendly Festivals 2023

All the info on one page! These are our top picks for 2023, with the ticket prices, headliners and some of the activities on offer to help you choose. We have also added the themes to help you get to work on your costumes now! Festivals are listed in alphabetical order. All prices quoted are […]

Festival Kidz Awards 2022

The Festival Kidz Awards are back, but with a difference! We asked all our writers to nominate festivals in three categories, to reflect the differing needs of the ages of our children. We have restricted the nominations so that festivals are only nominated in one category. We acknowledge that some of these festivals are excellent […]

Best Family Festivals 2022

It’s wonderful to see the festival calendar filling up. There are a few festivals taking the year off, but most are running again, and we’re incredibly excited about 2022. So what are the best family festivals for 2022, as recommended by Festival Kidz parents? Here are our favourites, our tried and tested. The festivals we […]

2021 Family Festivals and Camps

With summer holidays still so unknown and the list of what we can and can’t do changing daily, we thought we’d put together this little guide to 2021 small family festivals and camps you can book now. Hopefully, it will help with your summer plans.