WOMAD 2023 Review

It was our family’s first visit to WOMAD and it was easy to see why so many people return faithfully year after year. What stood out was the variety of music and workshops on offer, together with one of the best equipped kids’ fields we have seen. I found myself wishing my children were younger […]

Womad 2022 Review

Like coming home… As young adults, we spent many happy summers cutting our festival teeth at WOMAD. At the time it was right on our doorstep in Reading and was responsible for our love of the whole festival scene. WOMAD has and always will be the most welcoming and inclusive festival we know. It continues […]

WOMAD 2017 Review

By Tim Kaye, Caroline Gilbert and Hazel (7) and Gwilym (5) There is a very good reason why WOMAD is called ‘The World’s Festival’ it is like visiting 50 countries in one weekend. This is our third foray into the many different sounds and experiences that are on offer here and it didn’t disappoint. The […]

WOMAD 2016 Review

By Tim Kaye, Caroline Gilbert and Hazel (6) and Gwilym (4) Organisers the length and breadth of the country dread the rain when they have put on an outdoor event. It’s easy to miss the essential spark of a particular festival when you are soaked to the bone and the kids are moaning. This is […]

WOMAD 2015 Review

With Hazel Kaye (5), Gwilym Kaye (3), Caroline Gilbert and Tim Kaye. Let me just say at the outset that it rained at Womad, not just heavily but torrentially then stopped then rained again. Now I am not one to whimper at the first sign of a bit of water from above but this review […]

WOMAD 2013 Review

In the words of my 5 year old: “I wish it could be WOMAD everyday” Confession time, we were WOMAD virgins but this only added to the excitement of setting off on our five and a half hour journey to Charlton Park and our very first WOMAD experience. Just as we were packed up and […]

WOMAD 2012 Parent Review

Taking 4 kids to WOMAD? Not a problem…! Parent Review by the Dersons Family My husband and I, and our 4 children, enjoyed a wonderful weekend of mind-blowing sounds, amazing sights and delightful tastes at WOMAD, Charlton Park. Having packed everything required for the wide variety of weather that could come our way we arrived […]

WOMAD 2012 Review

After several festivals in awful weather this year… mud, gales, rain, more mud… I wasn’t sure I could face another one.  But at the last minute I had been offered a ticket to WOMAD and as it’s been on my wishlist for a few years, and I wasn’t committed to anything else, it felt too […]

WOMAD 2011 Review

2011 WOMAD Weather: Little bit of light rain on Friday but weekend was lovely and sunny Review by: Freya, age 10 Hi! My name is Freya and I am at Womad. My favourite things about Womad are: the people are all kind, the music is wicked and the food is lush! The thing I don’t […]

WOMAD Festival

WOMAD stands for World of Music and Dance and it does exactly what it says on the tin, with an enormous amount of other creative arts thrown in for good measure.  You will hear the very best of World Music, dance to all sorts of global and tribal beats and experience an absolute feast of […]