Best festivals for kids

festival kids in a field somewhereHere at Festival Kidz we’re always asked ‘what is the best family festival’? It’s almost impossible to answer as so much depends on what you are looking for out of a festival. What are the best festivals for kids? For some parents, it’s all about the line-up, whilst others seek relaxation and reconnecting with the great outdoors and their loved ones.

Whatever you are looking for, our Festival Kidz writers all agree on one thing. When the kids are happy, you’re happy.

So what do the real critics, our own children think? We asked them!

What are the best festivals for kids?

“My favourite festival is Wood because there is loads of fun activities like the drama workshops. I also really like the compost toilets there because they don’t smell like horrible chemicals”

– Kyla 12

Just So is my favourite festival because you get to watch movies and they have the corn on the cob stall and yummy churros. All the activities are so good, I can’t pick. Everything is amazing. Just go!”

– Jesse 8

Just So 2018

Boomtown is the best festival in the world because it’s so crazy. The maze is so much fun! Some of the places you find are like you’re inside a book and you forget where you are. We went to the job centre and had to save the world. Then we got boonpops and ‘zoil’ to plant in the wild west”

– Hunny 9

“I love different festivals for different reasons. Once I went through a toilet door into a field of sunflowers at Secret Garden Party – that was pretty lit. Last year at Green Man I thought all the free crafts in the teen-only area were ace. Elderflower Fields is a favourite because it’s really nice and calm but I love Boomtown too cos it’s so mad. I actually saw a guy put an electric drill up his nose!”

– Daisy 14

best festivals for kids

I like Elderflower Fields because we discovered Nick Cope who was great. I loved the art club and the playground you could help build. Oh and the pie shop. Yum!

– Martha 7

I loved Starry Skies because there’s a forest school and a really long zip wire and you could build a real boat using a hammer and nails. But the best thing by far was the plastic sheet on a hill covered with soapy water and bubbles that you could go shooting down! It was so fun. You get all bubbly and covered in grass.

– Evelyn 10

best festivals for kids

“I love Victorious because of the amazing food, the atmosphere and the bands that play there”

– Cerys 15

Victorious is really fun and close to our house so we don’t have to travel far but we all love Beautiful Days because it’s a really nice location with great places to eat”

– Deian 11

Victorious festival best festivals for kids

“My favourite festival is Boomtown. Because of the stories, and how big it is, it’s just really fun to do the stories. I liked the pirates bit best, and also where the computer AMI was and going into the hackers’ secret base”

– Charlotte 9

“My favourite festival is Shambala. All the music that was playing I really liked it. There was loads of sculptures in the woods. There was lots of lights and discos”

– Amelie 9

Mayflower Project
“My favourite festival is Shindig because it’s big enough that there’s enough activities and you won’t get bored, but it’s small enough so then I can go out by myself and be a bit more independent. I liked browsing the shops. I liked the teen tent because it had guitars and people could go up and perform”

– Eloise 13

What are your kids favourite festivals? Let us know below…

See you in a field somewhere this summer!

Sarah x