Family Talent Show at Camp Bestival 2011

One of our reader’s gorgeous little 5 year old daughter Rose entered the Family Talent Show, judged by Sara Cox, at Camp Bestival this year… and guess what?… SHE WON!!!!

Thanks so much to her proud mum Catherine for sharing this special moment with us x

Now, if that was my daughter up there, I would’ve been blubbing my little heart out with pride!  Here’s what Catherine had to say about the experience:

“I was too shaky to cry!  I get terrible stage fright myself and I almost can’t watch her. I am always worried that I’m going to make her nervous!

Her violin teacher wanted her to get used to performing in front of people and I thought that the Talent Show would be a great opportunity, but when I saw how many people there were I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision in letting her go up there.  She’s so confident though that I needn’t have worried. 

The Family Talent Show and Busker’s Corner are great things to have at festivals.  There aren’t very many places where young people can perform to an audience and it is so important for experience and confidence.

There was no sense of rivalry on the day, everyone was really friendly and every single contestant got a huge round of applause and a rosette.

We thought a pair of young rappers were going to win, they had written a song about Camp Bestival that was so catchy that we can still sing it from memory even now! They’re planning on setting up their own YouTube channel as a result of the positive reaction the got from the crowd!

If you’re thinking of entering next year the key is to pick a catchy song that the crowd can clap along to. There was a wide variety of acts that got a special mention from the judges but what they all had in common was that they had all chosen upbeat songs that got everyone going!”

Well done again to Rose, I’m already looking forward to seeing what she and all the other contestants will perform next year! 🙂

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