Glamping Getaways

Ooooh Squeeeeeeal!…

Yes, I admit it, I actually let out an audible squeak this morning as I opened up my review copy of this gorgeous new Cool Camping book, just published by Punk Publishing.  I couldn’t help myself… it is so sumptuously divine.

In true Cool Camping style the book is full of the most beautiful inviting photography that makes you feel like you are right there, like I could touch and feel those beautiful fabrics… I thought could even smell the smoky canvas of those stunning yurts.

What surprises me most is how many secluded little sites there are hidden away in the UK, each with such unique accommodation choices.  Glamping Getaways features 50 of the loveliest.  There are vintage caravans, gypsy caravans, Mongolian yurts, bell tents, tipis and beach huts.  Each one is overflowing with lanterns and tea lights, wicker and wood, natural textiles and atmosphere.  It’s a million miles from our usual lifestyles and yet so comforting and relaxing.  I have never wanted to be somewhere more and I wonder if I will ever want to holiday any other way again.

This book is perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing break away from it all.  The holiday destinations here are dripping with style and though these are breaks with a conscience because they have a minimal impact on the environment, really they are the ultimate in luxury… it’s just a more wholesome luxury that will nourish and soothe even the most tired of souls.

Cool Camping: Glamping Getaways is available from Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-906889-38-8
Pages: 224
Published: Punk Publishing Ltd (25/05/2011)

6 thoughts on “Glamping Getaways

  1. One of the perks of my job (VW Camper hire lady at Buttercup Bus)is that I get to visit lots of lovely camp sites (usually in the south east) to find good recommendations for our customers… and we try to get a good balance of “Glamping” and “Camping” locations – and both are really enjoyable…just as sometimes I want to sit down for dinner and get stuck into a fishfinger sandwich with ketchup – there are other times when some posh nosh would go down a treat….oooh… a cascade of crustaceans! (Yum!) Shepherd Huts are pretty nice and WoWo campsite in Sussex offers something wild, with the option to hire a yurt if desired.
    Nathalie ( )

  2. I agree the word Glamping is very pompous. Camping isn’t camping if it’s glamping. Another way for to capitalise on a simple camping trip. It won’t be long before they put a TV in and bombard us with adverts!!

  3. Don’t get me wrong I would love to try it if I had the opportunity. Its mainly the stupid word that gets me! I agree with you though it is a different experience to camping (I’m guessing) and would be like a retreat from the chaos of every day life and a million miles away from camping as we know it. I didn’t think of it as a different holiday experience more a camping replacement.
    I think the closest I would get is the book!

    1. I hate the word glamping too!!! Sounds a bit middle class and pompous!
      I see it as a more grounded replacement to a luxury holiday (because of the cost) rather than my cherished spontaneous ‘come on girls, let’s chuck the tent in the car and camp out this weekend’ type of camping trips. I’d love to experience it first hand but for now I think I’ll have to pacify myself with drooling over the pages of the book too! xx

  4. I have been quite scathing of of Glamping in my blog because I think if you are going to go camping you can make it as glamorous as you want without staying in yurts etc and I hate the word! I suppose though, it makes camping accessible for those who don’t fancy pitching a tent and buying all the gear.

    1. I think there’s room in this world for both camping and glamping.
      I have all the gear (and those who know me well will know I mean ALL the gear – half of my garage is a row of industrial shelving lined up with tents of various sizes, lanterns, camping stoves, etc etc.) and I really don’t mind the hassle of packing and pitching up, I quite like that part – it all adds to the excitement.
      However… I still yearn for a holiday in a yurt, tipi or gypsy caravan… I don’t own any of those and I don’t think I could fit any of them and all the gazillions of vintage accessories in my little car anyway, nor could I put one up on my own with little kids in tow. I think to stay in one wouldn’t be a replacement for a camping trip, for me it would be a form of retreat from the mania of ordinary life by connecting with a way of life from times gone by… but perhaps I’m reading too much into it! 😉 x

      Anyway, I have the book now and it made me feel like I was there anyway, so maybe if I take the book camping then I can have the experience without the price tag!! lol! 😉

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