NEWSFLASH: The Festival Angels have landed!

Entrance to Angel GardensAngel Gardens take family festival spaces to a whole new level

My friend Sam, the oh-so-lovely Angel Sam of Angel Gardens, has just told me about their exciting new ventures for 2012.  Anyone who has already had the good fortune to visit Angel Gardens in any of the festivals they went to last year will know how lovely they are.  But not content with being wonderful already, they are ramping up their offering a notch or ten, to be THE most thoughtful family space in the country!

So without further ado…  We are VERY excited to announce Angel Garden’s Plans for 2012:

Kindred Cafe

As some of you may know, Angel Gardens have decided to change their cafe this year, and after lots of chats and careful deliberation they are proud to announce….. Kindred Cafe.  This cafe will be run by Angel Crew Lisa and Kirk as part of Angel Gardens.  Not only will it serve teas and coffees, but it will have a real focus on providing child friendly breakfasts and snacks.

Also part of the space will be an activity table for free creative work, books and games for children to engage with.  With a shabby chic interior, the theme will change yearly and this year will be an Alice in Wonderland theme, this theme will run into Angel Gardens too and also into the new Cabaret Tent.  The Kindred Cafe page will be on  Lisa wrote us a Guest Blog about her festival summer which makes a nice read.

angel gardens daily scheduleThe Cabaret Tent

This will be decorated to match the cafe and Angel Gardens as a whole, it will host larger activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Drama, Science Demonstrations, Performers, Kid’s Discos and Karaoke, and on an evening it may show films too. There are also plans to host a Cabaret on Sunday evenings, in which children and families can show the things they have learned over the weekend.  With funky lighting, smoke machine and UV lights, you can expect some exciting performances and discos, and even UV painting parties.

The cabaret tent will be attached to the Kindred Cafe and will have a hatch in which folks can get refreshments, the Cafe will also be able to open up into the gardens in good weather.  The Cabaret Tent Facebook page can be found on

baby tent angel gardensBaby Tent

The Angel Gardens Baby Tent has changing mats, nappies and wipes, as well as a few toys and books for older children waiting for mum or dad to sort out the baby.  They also have comfy seating and places to breastfeed or have a little nap too.  All this really helps mummies and babies through the festival.

Kid’s own Loos

PERFEST POOS and WONDERFUL WEES will be part of the space again with free sun cream, loads of loo roll, cleaning stuff, mops and wipes to make the loo situation much nicer for little bums.  They are decorated with Fairy Lights in the evening so there is no need to bring a torch… (we all know how hard it is to balance a torch while trying to wipe little bottoms).  Just don’t forget to sign their guest book when you’ve done!

Lost Kids

The Angel Gardens Lost Kids Service is the best and parents and kids love it!  They have a registration scheme where parents and kids can register details and contact information, both parent and child get a wristband with a number that links to the form with the info on, this means they can start looking for lost kiddies the second they are reported.  With their lovely painted and heated caravan full of toys, snacks, drinks and places to sleep and have nappies changed, kids may get lost just to visit them… 😉

angel gardens kids crewWant to be part of the Team?

Angel Gardens are inviting people with skills and children to apply to work with them.  They have a scheme in which they share childcare and have a Crew Children’s Tent where they do activities and lessons. This gives mums and dads the chance to work the festival with their children in tow.  They will still have the bell tents with activities but will be looking for larger group activities that work alongside in the larger tent.  Of course there will be also be crew opportunities both in the cafe and in the cabaret tent but information will be sent out about that later.  Contact Angel Sam via the Angel Gardens Facebook page.

We are so excited about the changes to Angel Gardens and can’t wait to try them out.  We hope you feel as excited as we do about this…

Well done Angel Sam and all your fabulous team, 2012 is going to be AMAZING!

To find out where Angel Gardens will be at this year, visit:

Angel Gardens TOUR DATES

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  1. Nice one AG – always one step ahead can’t wait to see you all again real soon…and lets not wait until after the winter eh! x

  2. Thanks Festival Kidz for your lovely support, like you we are very aware of how hard it can be to bring your little ones to big events.. but with a bit of thought… we can make it easy as pie…. can’t wait for next year now.. do we really have to have a winter???

  3. Think it is brilliant that they are inviting people to work with them who have children. Have “liked” on FB 🙂

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