Your 2011 Festival Highlights

Over on our Facebook Page, we asked you for your most memorable festival moments of 2011.  Here are our favourites:

Alli – Watching my 12 yr old lose all his inhibitions to Babyhead at Shambala and watching my 10 yr old talk about open fire cooking with a group of Ghanian drummers around a camp fire at 3 in the afternoon at Small Nations Festival. I love the UK festie season, so diverse!!!

Karon – Camp Bestival firework finale truly was my festy moment of the year… mindblowing… goosebumps… kids couldn’t believe how fab it was and we still haven’t stopped talking about it!! Guy Fawkes night will be nothing in comparison anymore!! Booking our summer holidays around Camp Bestival next year as we hated leaving on the Monday morning to traffic jams and tears!! Camp Bestivalwe ♥ you!! x

Sam – I agree with Karon that the finale at Camp Bestival was truly magical, & seeing our kids faces, priceless. Another highlight was watching John Grant at Standon Calling Festival, a true lyrical genius. The icing on the cake, ending our fantastic festival season by dancing to ‘A Perfect Love Song’ by The Divine Comedy at Harvest at Jimmy’s with my hubby (our wedding song)… Sorry Romany, but to choose just one was impossible… WOW, what a year! x

Zoe – A fleeting hello with Robyn Hitchcock side stage at Wychwood. Hero!

Rachel – My little man’s face when he saw Mr Tumble walk on stage and start singing the ‘Hello’ song at Wychwood(his 1st festival!)

Jackie – Newton Faulkner @ Camp Bestival… magic!
Dawn – The Gruffalo at Camp Besti…….we saw it twice!!! Going to see him at Just So next year!
Keeley – Seeing my 8 year old son rock out to Prince at Hop Farm!
Becci – Elbow at Glastonbury. It made all the rain and mud with a 1 year old worthwhile. The evening sun was shining, glass of beer in hand, Stan (said 1yr old) was being carried in the sling was all snuggly as he was drifting off to sleep and we were with good friends 🙂

Marina– The Cuban Brothers at Camp Bestival with my 5 year old on my shoulders throughout. She loved it and still talks about it.

Festival Kidz– Yeay, feels good to remember all those moments 🙂

I’m also finding it hard to pick just one… think maybe my kids getting to play the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s mini six inch uke backstage at Larmer Tree, or perhaps the incredible Kooks set snuggled up with my two kids asleep on sheepskins at AJ Harvest… oh, and getting evacuated off-site by the Fire Service in the Acoustic Fest gales! Oh the drama!… Good times!!! 😉

Kirsty– My 2-4-7 year olds goin mental at the Pyramid Stage at Glasto when Beyonce did ‘My Sox Are On Fire’ *sex to you grown ups!!

Amber – The whole of SGP – if it has to be one memory then going in on Thursday evening after the stress of getting to the campsite etc. The most wonderful place 🙂

How about you?  What were your 2011 highlights?