Post Festival Blues

Post Festival Blues… Is it just me?

It was February 2010 and we were finally fulfilling our dream of owning a VW camper. As regular festival goers, my husband and I had decided that we wanted to share our festival experiences with our children. So after spending many months researching VW’s we were finally on our way to view one. That was the day I fell in love with Dolly, we HAD to have her!

Now my idea of a holiday had always been to fly off to somewhere hot and basically sit around a pool, or on a beach sipping whichever exotic cocktail was handed to me. After doing this for a week or maybe two it would be time to come home. Once home it would hit me, BOOM post holiday blues! Now it wasn’t a good feeling but lets face it – this feeling would not last forever and I was only going to have it once a year. Therein lies the problem… it no longer happens just once a year.

We have been extremely fortunate for the last two years having had many weekends away either at Festivals or fantastic camping trips. So what’s my problem? what can I possibly find to moan about? Well, post-festival blues!!! A similar feeling to the one I used to get when returning from holidays, only much worse. Worse, because now it hits me BOOM on a weekly basis during festival season! Come either Monday or Tuesday morning (depending on whether it has been a two or three day festival) I look like I have been slapped around the face with a wet fish!

We have already enjoyed a fab few weekends away so far this year, ElementalVW – a classic VW show,  Clippesby Hall for their music festival, and one at Alive & V’Dubbin.  Since returning all I can think about is the next one!

Not long now and our festival season really gets under way. Soon we have North Nibley Music Festival followed by Latitude, Camp Bestival, Standon Calling and Shambala all booked so far!

So this a warning to anyone who may be planning to pop in for a cuppa midweek, DON’T! I can more or less guarantee I will not be smiley! I will be willing the time away (not a good thing to do when you get to my age!) longing to spend another great weekend with fantastic family and friends in a field listening to great music and hoping that the sun is going to shine!

Oh, and an even bigger warning goes out to all who may be in my company come September, I apologise in advance as I just know that once festival season is over I will be well and truly miserable and longing for the next one to begin, so you have been warned!…

Sam x

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