Trolley Tots – Hire a trolley wagon at a festival near you!

trolley totsTrolley Tots are a friendly, festival-going family.

They’ve learned to take the fabulous British weather in their stride when it comes to festivals. Instead of worrying about muddy pushchairs they thought about solutions. This positive attitude is what got them using trolleys and now they want to share the good vibes with you!… 

Trolley Tots hire out a range of trolleys and wagons at a number of family-friendly festivals.  You can reserve a trolley ahead of time on their website,, and leave the pushchair at home! Save loads of space in your car for tents, sleeping bags, baby wipes, toys, and all the other festival essentials a family needs.

Terrific Trolley Benefits

  • Stay mobile while the kids lay down to nap
  • Carry the essentials (nappies, food, jackets, beer) for your kids and yourself
  • Mud is no obstacle. Easily navigate festival terrain
  • Kids will happily ride in them
  • Kids love them!

Trolley Hire Advantages

  • They transport the trolleys so you have more room for festival essentials in your car
  • Cute, easy to snap on rain cover provided for inclement weather
  • Keep your pushchair clean
  • We clean up so you don’t have to!
  • No need to store a trolley all year round

6 thoughts on “Trolley Tots – Hire a trolley wagon at a festival near you!

  1. Hi Naomi,

    I was wondering which Festival Trolley providers you may know are still in the business for the season 2018 and come recommended by you?

    1. A quick search revealed Mr. Trolley are still active (and taking bookings from the start of March), they also have a list of the festivals they will be attending this year. Cart-to-Camp will be at Just So and Cornbury this year, and probably other festivals as well.

      As to a recommendation I’m afraid I can’t help as we had our own trolley. Perhaps others could comment on their experience of trolley hire?

  2. Hello! We are planning on attending y-not 2016. Will we be able to hire from you? We have twin boys who will be 16 months old when we go. What size trolley would u recommend? We were thinking the medium trolley ? Thanks in advance

    1. Hayley

      We are a review site only. We don’t rent trolleys – you need to contact the festival organisers, or trolley tots directly.


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