Angel Gardens 2014

Angel Gardens create magical family spaces at festivals.  We consist of a huge team of dedicated volunteers, children’s loos, cosy caravans and lots of beautiful Bell Tents.

This year Angel Gardens have looked at everything that parents need to help them get children through a weekend in a field as well as ensuring we have a good set of activities, workshops and entertainment that helps you work together as a family as well as learning new stuff as individuals.

Child friendly options:

Kids-Only Loos:  We offer at least two loos (perfect poos and wonderful wees) that are lit on an evening, have cleaning stuff, mops and wipes for you to clean any spills or dribbles, loads of loo roll, a guest book and even reading material… most importantly we check them every 15 mins and add a lovely air freshener to make sure it smells nice… there are toddler seats and stools available if requested. REMEMBER: ALL ADULTS CAUGHT USING THESE WILL BE NAMED AND SHAMED AND FINED 1 MILLION POUNDS!

Baby Care tent:  We offer a baby care tent for parents and their under 2s. Free nappies, wipes, washing stuff, bath, changing mats, food and milk warming, little fridge for your milk and chill out areas for little naps. we even have spare clothes in case of muddy falls. We have a doula and alternative midwife in here to help with any advice you might need, or just to give you a hand.

Lost Kids:  Our lost kids service is the very best. We offer a registration service where you can give us your kiddies descriptions, medical info and your contact details.  This means we can help them as soon as they get brought to us.  We have a cosy caravan called Trixie that we look after children and adults who are lost, again with warm clothes, snacks and blankets. We’ll have to be careful not to make it too much fun or everyone will get lost on purpose 😉

Essentials stall:  We have a stall that sells you everything you might need, from a dummy to a sachet of infant paracetamol. ear defenders can be hired and you can even just buy one nappy and a handful of wipes or even a squirt of suncream… to save you going back to the tent and to save you having to buy a full packet or bottle. Kid’s area t-shirts are available so we can see the kids clearly in a crowd and you can even buy an Angel Gardens autograph book to collect the signature of all the Angels and the performers from the main stages who come and visit us.

Kids Cafe:  Why do kids get up so early??!  We start activities early with wake up shake up dancing, yoga for parents and kids and the kid’s cafe offers kid’s breakfast… with (get this) cereals they recognize, toast, juice and basically stuff they will eat!!! With basic snacks and drinks all day, activities on tables, and even the odd sing song and story, Kindred Cafe is a saviour when trying to feed the kids at a festival.

Our activities are so varied I can’t even start to tell you, with over 20 bell tents and our new cabaret tent, you can make anything from a lantern to a necklace, learn to light and cook on the fire, dance like a robot and take part in the Sunday cabaret.

All our crew wear purple t-shirt, top hats and angel wings so you know who to come find if you need any help, CRB checked crew have lanyards telling you they are safe to go to if you are lost and our Lost Kids Officers have photo IDs… honestly, you will feel so safe and have so much fun… you will never want to leave 🙂

Angel Gardens will be at the following festivals this year:

Bearded Theory





Secret Garden Party

Barefoot Festival