80’s Rewind 2011 (Henley) Review

2011 80’s Rewind (Henley) Weather: Torrential rain for the first 2 hours, then it dried out on Day 1 and glorious weather on Day 2.

Review by: Caswasere (with 2 kids, 9 and 6 years old)

Getting to the festival:

Queue was about 20 mins to get to the camping arena.  We did have to carry the stuff quite far – pull along carts available to hire, but the queue was horrendous for these.  People had brought flimsy trucks to wheel things along – pointless: most broke before they got to their campsites – best inventions were those that had brought wheel barrows, or industrial strength carts.

Entertainment – Line up and Kids Activities:

There was a children’s entertainment area, we used this Fri evening after setting up the tent, but didn’t have time to go anywhere near it on the main Sat/Sun event.  Entertainers were good and there was lots of circus equipment for them to try out, really good as it was free!

What would you change or do to  improve the event?

Toilets on the Sun evening/Mon morning, and a few more showers.

Any other comments and your Top Tip:

Bring torches and batteries.

Site and Facilities:

Toilets OK for Fri, Sat and Sun, but by Mon (the final morning) they were absolutely disgusting, and I am afraid I asked my kids to use a discrete part of the field…

Did you feel safe?

Crowd was incredibly child friendly, originally worried about the volume of people and that kids would get lost in the crowds, but after a quick briefing of key things to spot on the way back to the tent, or our space in the arena, it was safe to let the kids go to the toilets/icecream vans on their own.  Didn’t think we would let them go off alone at 9 and 6, but the crowd was very respectable, kid friendly, so we had no hesitation on lettling them do the toilet runs safely on their own.  Very impressed that everyone was friendly and got involved.

Would you go again?





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