Beautiful Days 2011 Review

2011 Beautiful Days Weather: Mostly dry and warm. Sunny at times but with heavy rain on the Saturday morning.

Review by: Chris Luxford (with a nearly 3 year old)

Getting to the festival:

The festival was clearly signposted from the A30 with stewards to guide people along the local lanes long before reaching the site. There was a steady stream of vehicles arriving, but no queue (though getting out on the Monday took an hour).

The distance from car park to tent could be a bit of a trek – but that’s always going to be the case where vehicles are not allowed in the camping areas.  We camped in a family/quiet area and made friends with the neighbouring family who had a boy of about the same age as ours. There was enough space to get the push chair and wagon between the tents with no difficulty.

The children’s wristbands have a space for writing mobile phone numbers, but was not small enough for our son’s wrist.

Entertainment – Line up and Kids Activities:

There was plenty to do for children of all ages from nursery toys and a sand pit for the littlest ones to a climbing wall and band workshops for the older ones with puppet shows, craft workshops, circus skills workshops and fairground rides among other things.

Because the children’s area is in the middle of the festival, the music from the main stage was always audible, which helped to make it seem part of the whole thing.

What would you change or do to  improve the event?

Can think of nothing to change. It’s as close to a perfect festival as I can imagine.

Site and Facilities:

The site was well laid out and easy to get around. There were a few steepish bits, but the slopes in the main areas were gentle enough for push chairs etc.

Toilets were kept clean and rarely ran out of paper or hand cleaning gel.

The children’s area was right at the heart of the festival between the two main stage areas. This meant that the children weren’t marginalised as can be the case, though I imagine that in a wet year this would lead to serious mud through the middle as this is a major thoroughfare.

Did you feel safe?

Yes. I felt completely safe. Even when Aiken fell out of his wagon (without waking up) while we were trying to get through the crowds after the headliners everything was friendly and easy.

Would you go again?




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