Bearded Theory 2009-2011 Reviews

2009, 10, 11 Bearded Theory Weather: Quite cool but has been mainly dry every year.

Review by: Tezgloss (with 2 kids aged 5 and 2)

Great little festival, with big name bands and very reasonably priced, fab for kids and for us!!!

Getting to the festival:

We live quite local so usually get there as soon as gates open.  This is our 4th year and last year was the first year there were any problems in the camping area, but it was their first year on the new site.  We have been assured it will be much better this year, and it can’t have been that bad because we are still going back for more!

Entertainment – Line up and Kids Activities:

The line up has been amazing every year.   There’s always plenty of space for the kids to run wild.  There’s a great children’s area with lots of different stuff on all the time.  The kids love to play with poi and hoops etc.

What would you change or do to  improve the event?

Putting the Dance Tent further away from the Kid’s Area, and not letting gangs of lads in the Family Camping area.

More shelters in main arena for if it rains.

Site and Facilities:

Toilets were very good most of time.  The site’s very easy to get round.

Did you feel safe?

It’s very friendly, no problems with crowds.  Amazingly relaxed atmosphere.  Security evident but not intrusive.

Would you go again?

Yes. We do it yearly.


Most Memorable Moment?

Dreadzone on the last night a couple of years ago, the kids had gone to sleep and we bounced/danced around the pushchair, it was about -5 that night but they kept us nice and warm!


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