LodeStar 2011 Review

2011 LodeStar Weather: Hot and sunny.

Review by: Steve (with 2 kids, 6 and 8 years old) – Attended SATURDAY only

Getting to the festival:

No queues to get in and very easy to find. We didn’t have a problem on the narrow country and village lanes as there was very little traffic when we arrived, but I did wonder what it would be like if it was busy.

Entertainment – Line up and Kids Activities:

The line-up was a good mix of well chosen bands – some unsigned, some up and coming. Most were really good.  There was also an alternative stage with some comedy and a few theatre sketches, but we didn’t really spend much time there.

For the kids there was mainly just a circus skills area.  There was also Power Kiting and 5 aside football going on but my kids were a bit young for that.  The Zorbing was great but at £5 per person we could only afford one 5 minute turn.  The Archery was £2.50 for 4 arrows (with instruction).

A few of the charity stalls had stuff the kids could do for a small charge or donation (like a lucky dip, or giant mural)

What would you change or do to  improve the event?

We LOVED this festival.  It was soooo relaxing!  But we were very lucky with the weather.  The only improvement I would suggest is a marquee for kids crafts or something.  It was really spacious and not at all over crowded.  My kids had a great time running around, playing frisbee, and joining in with circus skills but if it had been raining there would have been no shelter and they would have been bored and miserable.

Also we were promised free Drinking Water on the website, but the only public tap I could find was outside of the main arena on the edge of the camping field.  There was another big water container in the arena but it was behind the catering stalls so we weren’t able to access it.

Any other comments and your Top Tip:

Take a pop-up sun shade.  There is LOADS of space so people won’t mind (as long as you don’t put it right in front of the stage!)

Take some picnic blanket activities for the kids in case they get bored, and a ball, frisbee, etc.

Stay for the whole weekend!!  The campsite looked absolutely fantastic – totally level and loads of space between tents.  It’s not an expensive festival so I think it would make a lovely weekend camping trip with friends, with the added bonus of the great music and atmosphere that the festival had to offer.

Site and Facilities:

Toilets were wonderful! Very clean.  Site was completely flat (but watch out for rabbit holes!!).

The catering stalls were brilliant.  Really good choice from cheap toasted sarnies to gorgeous Wood Fired Pizzas.  My Fish and Chips were the best I’ve had for years.

The Stewards and Security were very friendly.  I couldn’t imagine there being any trouble here for them to deal with though – the atmosphere was so chilled it was horizontal 😉

The campsite was well separated into a Quiet area to one side and next to the arena was presumably for more party-oriented groups.  The campervan field was furthest away, but still not far by most festival’s standards – this is a very small intimate festival on a spacious site.

The countryside is really quite beautiful.

Did I feel safe?

Yes, how could I not?!  It was the friendliest, most chilled crowd ever!

Would I go again?



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  1. If you took your kids to LodeStar or any other festivals this year please send a review to us at chat@festivalkidz.com

    We’d love to hear what you thought, and it really helps other parents choose a festival that will suit them.

  2. Hi Steve!

    Thanks for all the brilliant comments, its wonderful to have feedback and we are so pleased you enjoyed your visit to the beautiful fens of Lodestar.

    We completely take on your points regarding alternative entertainment, especially for the children, other than the main stage. This is something we really want to grow for next year’s festival and have some great ideas in mind!

    Hope to see you next year!

    (production manager)

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