Camp Bestival 2011 Parent review

Camp Bestival 2011

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This post will hopefully convince anyone who has hummed and hahhed over taking their children to a festival. E is currently in bed moaning that she wants to go back & A keeps getting up wondering why he isn’t still out having fun in the Castle Field watching live music and having a better time than being at home!

We have not long returned from our second Camp B and I have to say our festival experience gets better & better. This year the camping was opened up a day earlier to allow people to set up and fully enjoy the Friday from opening time and this was a great way to start. We left home at 10a.m & were pitching tents by 1p.m. And this time I remembered the bunting & fairy lights!

The site at Lulworth Castle is absolutely beautiful, blending the historical grounds with modern family fun perfectly, and it’s size and layout is ideal for 3 days of exploring.

Now, this is when things can get tricky trying to see everything you want to see, do everything the kiddies want to do & fit in time to eat & drink! We gave E & A the pick in the daytime but then after dinner was grown up time – which basically meant picnic rug out in the Castle Field, kids playing & making huge bubbles whilst the grown ups chilled with a few ciders and dancing like fools to Mark Ronson, Groove Armada & Primal Scream.

The kiddies have a huge area devoted to them – the Kids Garden & A’s favourite part of the whole festival? Attacking the blow up blobs:

The Kids Garden is actually great for grown ups too with a range of scrummy eateries from the River Cottage Canteen to the WI Tent. The Little Big Top & craft tents keep the kids busy and a great time to chill is watching the Insect Circus – the other half particularly liking the rather bendy worm charmer!

Saturday is fancy dress day which gives the girlies a valid excuse to don the tutus and fairy wings!

Sunday night sees Camp Bestival’s grand finale of fireworks & light display. This year they played out a fairy tale through imagery projected onto the castle, music & fireworks. Amazing!

I could show you 100s more photos but it is almost impossible to show just how amazing a festival can be with kids on one blog post. Yes there were times when paddies were thrown – mostly by the grown ups! – but with a bit of compromise and planning everyone was happy most of the time!


Pack a garden trug – great to carry the kids toys to the tent and then use for your daily bath!

Go with another family & friends – this gives opportunities to split off and do different things.

Take lots of food – snacks, fruit, dried fruit etc. The food is lovely but buying lunch and dinner for a family does get pricey.

Take a sturdy buggy to cart your camping gear from car park to camp site – also good for carting round tired children and secret stashes of grown up drinks!

Take a travel potty – especially useful when the little ones need a wee whilst the grown ups are too busy dancing to trudge off to the loos! And by the way the loos are fine!!!! And even artistic:

And finally……………have FUN!!!!!!!!! Now off you go and find a festival to enjoy!! x x

[Editor’s Note: To help locate a family friendly festival near you, use the interactive Festivals Map – just click on ‘Festivals’ on the signpost at the top of this page!]

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