Festival Kidz Award Winners 2017

Announcing the 2017 Festival Kidz Awards!

You voted for your favourite festivals, and this year we have decided to include all the results to show you how close some of them were!

The following awards are based solely on the votes of all of you, our family festival goers! And the winners are….

Best Large Festival

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Winner – Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival wins again! The huge festival that is so big its kids’ field is its own festival…

Runner Up – Boomtown

A new winner this year – Boomtown is busy, exciting, creative, immersive and in a world all of its own.

Congratulations Boowmtown!

See our 2017 review of Boomtown here.

Best Medium Festival

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Winner – Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days shows its popularity isn’t fading with this excellent result once again.

See our 2017 review of Beautiful Days here.

Runner Up – Shambala

Shambala has long been a Festival Kidz writers’ favourite, and it looks like more of you are discovering its charms.

See our 2016 review of Shambala here.

Best Small Festival

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Winner – Green Meadows

Green Meadows is a new winner this year! Comments from festival goers include:

“Plenty to do, lots of space to relax, mixture of music genres and great food”

“so much for kids to do and all free” “small enough to be pleasant but big enough to have plenty to do for the weekend”

Congratulations Green Meadows!

Runner Up – Elderflower Fields

Elderflower Fields is another Festival Kidz favourite. As one of you commented:

“Elderflower Fields is all about the kids. It doesn’t just have a kid zone like other festivals, the whole festival is a kids zone!”

See our 2017 review of Elderflower Fields here.

Best Tiny Festival

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Winner – Farmer Phil’s

Farmer Phil’s is a returning winner – they have an incredibly loyal following that return year after year. The atmosphere, beautiful site and chance to camp with your car for a whole week makes it exceptional value for money.

See our 2016 Review of Farmer Phil’s here.

Runner Up – Starry Skies

Starry Skies is a fantastic place for children to get back to nature. From a farm visit to a forest school, den building, star watching, tree climbing and a huge water slide it’s wonderful for all children with a wild side.

See our 2017 review of Starry Skies here.

Best Day Festival

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Winner – Folk by the Oak

Folk by the Oak is a small festival with loads of children’s activities near the stage, so it’s great for both adults and children.

See our 2017 Review of Folk by the Oak here.

Runner Up – Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair

Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair is a beautiful little festival which is wonderful for children’s imaginations.

See our 2014 review of the Fairy Fair here.

Congratulations to our winning festivals and thanks to everyone who entered and voted.

Read more about our 2017 highlights here.

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  1. Hi I manage the kids corner at green meadows festival winner of small festival ..we are delighted with the result. We all worked so hard this year to make it a special and memorable one for the kids.

    I note all other winners have a link to review the festival.. is it possible we can have this and can I do anything to help?

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