Beautiful Days 2023 Review

** Tickets now on sale for 2024 ** Festival Kidz have been staunch followers of Beautiful Days for many years, and have many visits under our belts. But for my family, it was our first ever experience of the festival. I’m a huge Levellers fan and Beautiful Days has been on my radar since its […]

Beautiful Days 2022 Review

Beautiful Days 2013 was our first ever family festival. Way back when we were a family of four and still in need of nappies, buggies and all the other paraphernalia of very small children. The fact that I now spend my summers going to multiple festivals and reviewing them here is testament to how much […]

Beautiful Days 2019 Review

Beautiful Days is without a doubt a top contender for best weekend of the year. This goes not just for my family, but for thousands of its loyal patrons. Every year the Levellers host an amazing festival that I think is impossible to out do, and yet it continues to improve. We have been to […]

Beautiful Days 2018 Review

The first time we went to Beautiful Days in 2011, we knew we’d found a very special event. This was our fifth Beautiful Days, and it is still our favourite place to be. We had such a lovely welcome as we approached the information tent, the guy that runs it (I can’t believe we don’t […]

Beautiful Days 2016 Review

An old fashioned feel good family festival ‘They’re not like they used to be’ – something we hear a lot at FestivalKidz as we get older. Parents reminisce about the ‘good old days’ of festivals. Before sponsorship took over. Before you needed to take out a bank loan for a pint at the bar. Before […]

Beautiful Days 2015 Review

I LOVE this festival! Having previously enjoyed bigger festivals as a pre-motherhood, carefree young woman, it was the first festival I went to with my young family in 2011, and I was firmly reassured that festivals can be wonderful places for children to play and learn. We didn’t hesitate to go back the next year (a […]

Beautiful Days 2014 Review

As a Levellers fan I have wanted to go to Beautiful Days for many years, and have heard only good things about it. So maybe my expectations were a bit too high, or maybe the festival has grown a bit too large, as although we enjoyed ourselves we didn’t love it as much as I’d […]

Beautiful Days 2012 Review

Beautiful Days Festival 2012 By Lisa from ‘We Don’t Eat Anything With A Face’ The law of averages should have meant that our third festival of the year was a dry one, having been to two wet and muddy festivals earlier in the year, but no; When we arrived at the rural Devon campsite for our […]

Beautiful Days 2011 Review

2011 Beautiful Days Weather: Mostly dry and warm. Sunny at times but with heavy rain on the Saturday morning. Review by: Chris Luxford (with a nearly 3 year old) Getting to the festival: The festival was clearly signposted from the A30 with stewards to guide people along the local lanes long before reaching the site. There was a steady stream of vehicles arriving, but no queue (though getting out […]