Six reasons to be excited about 2018

A Glastonbury Festival fallow year is always a strange one for the people that go every year. I used to be one of them – and even now I still get a pang every year when it’s on – so I understand that you might have a festival-shaped hole to fill.

Still let’s hope that the 2018 hole isn’t just full of mud! Although even if it is, it won’t stop us from having fun.

The great thing is that now there are so many other festivals to go to (we have over 150 on our site, with more added every year) that you could use this year to explore something completely new. And if you find an amazing one, please do share it with us on our Facebook page, or email us on!

Here are six reasons to be excited about 2018!

1. Gorillaz in Boomtown

If you’re missing the adventurous side of Glastonbury’s atmosphere, Boomtown may well be the one for you. They even won the runner up prize for large festival in our 2017 Festival Kidz awards, second only to Glastonbury.

This year the wonderful Gorillaz are headlining, and it’s their only festival set this year. Having seen them myself in Margate last year (as well as a few other times) I can tell you they are definitely worth seeing on a festival stage. Be warned, some of the lyrics are explicit! But if you don’t mind that, your children will surely know at least one of their early tunes and will sing along. I love a band that is happy to still play the old songs that everyone loves as well as the new ones – and Gorillaz always do – as well as sharing the stage with other stars and musicians which makes them so great to watch.


If, like me, one of your favourite things about being at a festival is dressing up, acting how you want to, and getting involved in quests, interactive performances and adventures – then Boomtown is the place for you. They will spark your children’s imaginations by involving them in stories and there’s nothing more that children love than play acting!

2. Blissfields goes back to its roots

If you want a smaller festival that still has a great party vibe you can’t go wrong with Blissfields. It is small and never gets too busy, you can see the stage from the other side of the site, and yet it’s full of up-for-it friendly people.


This year Blissfields is going back to its roots – smaller and with a more community feel. This means tickets will sell out quickly so best get them soon if you want to go. Angel Gardens will still be there, just a bit smaller, and as most festivals grow in size it’s rare to get a chance to go backwards in time like this!

3. Chilled in a Field returns to Bentley

Chilled in a Field is another small festival that’s great if you want to go for a dance but don’t want the stress of the crowds. No large names, only friendly people, local bands and djs, and a fun and artistic vibe.

After a year off, Chilled in a Field is returning to unarguably its best venue, The Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum. The venue is just the right size for them, and with the addition of some lovely woodland and a tiny steam train the festival was completely perfect for families. I know lots of Chilled in a Field fans who are very excited about going there again. Have a look at our last reviews when we were there in 2014 and 2015.

4. Bluedot Festival launches again

With the recent strange signals we’ve been getting from space there’s never been more of a chance we will be visited by aliens this year, and what better place to be waiting for them than at Jodrell Bank?

Bluedot 2017
Lovell Telescope

Festival Kidz discovered Bluedot last year and we’re still excited about it! Festivals are such a good place to educate your children without them knowing, and they are more likely to remember the lessons if they’re fun. Mixing out-of-this-world music with loads of interactive theatrical workshops in a science theme this one’s especially good for your little geeks.

5. Just So’s programme

Appealing to those young at heart people who love to play creative games with their children РJust So Festival has another exciting programme this year with new areas to explore Рpacked through with adventure, storytelling, performance, music, theatre and games. One of the new areas this year is a lakeside area, dedicated to all things circus and seaside. There will be aerial shows, sideshows, circus skills and a lakeside beach to relax on Рget your towels down now!

6. So many old favourites on this year

If you go to a festival for the big names, 2018 is already looking good. As well as Gorillaz playing, there are some huge names, a few of which are: Squeeze at Wickham Festival,Proclaimers and Texas at Carfest, Kaiser Chiefs at Victorious, Simple Minds, Basement Jaxx, Orbital, and for the cheesy factor Rick Astley at Camp Bestival, Robert Plant, Jesus & Mary Chain, Sleaford Mods and Therapy? at Bearded Theory, and Chemical Bros at Boardmasters.

What festivals are you excited about this year? Please let us know!