Best Festivals 2016 – As Chosen By You!

Last year we decided to ask you for your favourite festivals, and now here’s the full list! All the quotations are from you, our readers, and festivals are ordered by the number of votes for each of our awards categories.


Best Large Festivals


Glastonbury : 26th - 30th June 2024

Glastonbury Kidz Field is just brilliant!

The Kidz Field is a festival in itself, and nothing rivals the entertainment on offer in the main festival. Not for the faint hearted however!

2024 Recommended award 2017 Best Large Festival award 2015 Best Large Festival award


Camp Bestival : ERROR: Festival Camp Bestival not found!

The king of family festivals – this is one of the largest family friendly festivals in the UK. Great if you want a ‘proper’ festival line up of big names across many genres, however it is a large site and can be crowded, especially for smaller children. So many activities and shows, you’ll struggle to pack it all into the weekend, but great for mixed age kids as there is something for everyone.


Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party : Adults only currently

The Secret Garden Party has grown but it remains a fantastic choice for those festival goers wanting a more arty, alternative scene. Family friendliness has also improved over the years.


Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival : 25th - 28th July 2024

Fantastic Children’s Arena (practically a festival in itself) and a great Inbetweeners Teen Area to keep older kids interested, engaged and thoroughly entertained. A great mix of Literature and Music, and multi-coloured sheep!


The Big Feastival

The Big Feastival : 23rd - 25th August 2024

If you fancy a weekend of watching celebrity chefs, in a field, with a side serving of live music and a huge dollop of fete then this is the perfect festival for you.

Best Medium Festivals

Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days : 16th - 18th August 2024

“Beautiful Days is always so friendly and always sell out,but they have resisted increasing the size.Great family festival”

“Beautiful days wins hands down. The best people. The happiest vibe. The friendliest faces and the awesomest entertainment.”

2024 Recommended award 2022 Award 22 award 2019 Recommended award 2017 Best Medium Festival award 2015 Best Medium Festival award


Green Man Festival

Green Man Festival : 15th - 18th August 2024

Hottest acts on the new music scene. Beautiful location in the Brecon Beacons. Great imaginative and inspiring kid’s areas to go above and beyond normal festival expectations. Stay for a week and turn it into a holiday.

2019 Recommended award 2015 Medium Festival Runner Up award 2014 Gold award 2013 Gold award



Shambala : 22nd - 25th August 2024

Truly a ‘festival-goers festival’ – they manage to accommodate and include children in the whole site without removing the festival spirit. The kids’ field includes a fantastic onsite crèche, and there are interactive games and art to climb on across the site. There is separate camping for young families with it’s own entertainment and campfire away from the main festival, and so many workshops, activities and performances your children will be talking about it all year.

2024 Recommended award 2019 Recommended award 2017 Medium Festival Runner Up award 2014 Gold award 2013 Festival of the Year award



Wilderness : 1st - 4th August 2024

A feast of utter gorgeousness, where nature, art and music come together in a wild yet earthy celebration of our existence. Set in a naturally beautiful site with spas, lake swimming, creative exuberance and expressiveness.

2019 Recommended award 2014 Silver award orange-buy-tickets-button-320x120


Wychwood Festival

Wychwood Festival  : 31st May - 2nd June 2024

Laid back and mellow. There are plenty of activities and workshops laid on and there’s a Children’s Literature Festival with lots of top kids authors. You can drive up to the campsite to unload. Copes well with rain due to lots of hard standing areas.

2024 Recommended award 2018 Recommended Midland award



Nozstock : 18th - 21st July 2024

YOU SAY:“Loved Nozstock’s kids activities – decorating Mr Spoons then chasing Button Moon around the festival accompanied by a rocket with a megaphone. Classic fun mixed with 80s nostalgia.”

2024 Recommended award 2018 Recommended Midland award


Cornbury Music Festival

Cornbury Music Festival : Discontinued

‘Posh’, easy to manage, big names on the line up, big kids’ area and very well organised. Lots for the whole family to enjoy.

2019 Recommended award 2014 Silver award

Best Small Festivals


Lakefest : 7th - 11th August 2024

“I have attended every Lakefest festival because they are simply brilliant. Exceptionally well organised and good all round fun and entertainment for everyone. Your every need is catered for and you really feel that some personal ‘love’ has been invested in making it such an fantastic event.”

2018 Recommended Midland award 2015 Best Small Festival award 2014 Families Choice award 2014 Silver award 2013 Silver award


Chagstock Festival

Chagstock Festival : cancelled

“Have been going to Chagstock for a few years now, camping with our children now aged 8 & 12yrs. Loads to do with the children who don’t get a chance to get bored & that’s on top of the great bands. Really well set up, organised & a great festival for all ages.”

2015 Small Festival Runner Up award


Bearded Theory

Bearded Theory : 24th - 27th May 2024

“Bearded Theory had a school for children and lessons were taught to the highest standards. This is an amazing effort by the organisation which deserves an award for the school being so tremendous and inclusive.”

“Bearded Theory offers quality free activities for children/families, this is a real family friendly festival with its own Childrens Village run by dedicated volunteers with vast experience in child care. Babies are catered for and all ages even teens in the Childrens Village.”

2024 Recommended award 2019 Recommended award 2014 Silver award 2013 Gold award


Green Gathering

Green Gathering  : 1st - 4th August 2024

“Kids have the best time in a totally non commercial environment, focus sing on what can be done with ones hands and heart, rather than corporations doing things for kids.”

2024 Recommended award 2018 Recommended Wales award 2014 Gold award
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3 Wishes Faery Festival : ERROR: Festival 3 Wishes Faery Festival not found!

“I have been to most of the festivals in the uk over the years and 3 wishes Faery fest is the best out of all of them ! Its Fantastic on every level, we bought our ticket for this years, a week after the last one had finished ! And we can not wait!”

2014 Silver award 2013 Gold award


Elderflower Fields

Elderflower Fields : 24th - 27th May 2024

“We have been every year now and it just gets better and better. They listen to our comments and work so hard for it to be a very happy weekend for adults and children. A great place. “

2024 Recommended award 2019 Recommended award 2017 Small Festival Runner Up award 2014 Silver award


Jimmy's Harvest Festival : cancelled

Jimmy’s Farm had a difficult year in 2015 due to terrible weather, but is still a firm favourite with our readers due to the amazing venue full of play areas and animals.


Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival : Discontinued

“Amazingly family friendly, chilled out, loads to see and do, and just a great vibe. We love Larmer Tree.”

2018 Recommended South England award 2014 Gold award 2013 Gold award


Eden Festival

Eden Festival : 13th - 16th June 2024

Originally a youth project, Eden festival is a real community festival supporting young people and artists. It has a varied mix of music and arts and lots for children to do.

2024 Recommended award

Just So Festival

Just So Festival : 16th - 18th August 2024

“‘Just So’ is the most exciting weekend of the year for all ages, especially for families with small children. Would not miss it for the world !!!”

2024 Recommended award 2019 Recommended award 2014 Gold award 2013 Gold award


Blissfields : No dates for future events

Once a small gathering of friends in the Bliss family fields, now grown into a proper little festival, with an excellent children’s area run by Angel Gardens. Boutique yet entirely unpretentious – friendly and fun with an excellent line up of up and coming bands.

2018 Recommended South England award 2014 Gold award 2013 Silver award


North Nibley Music Festival : ERROR: Festival North Nibley Music Festival not found!

Not-for-profit, family-focused, community event with a relaxed and welcoming vibe.

2013 Silver award

Best Tiny Festivals

Farmer Phil

Farmer Phil's Music Festival : No dates yet

“For many years i have gone back every year , I class this as my holiday, a weeks camping for free in glorious countryside, small friendly and trouble free, the festival suits all ages. This year i took along my grand children, who had such a wonderful time, we will return next year and hopefully many more years to come. clean safe and so much to do. Fab stalls and great food bars at an affordable price, where else can you camp for a week, with a whole weekend of music and entertainment thrown in for £75 ?”

2018 Recommended Wales award 2015 Best Tiny Festival award


Chilled in a Field

Chilled in a Field : Discontinued

“Chilled in a field is a magical experience. We have watched it grow and improve year after year. They create a creative, welcoming almosphere which never fails to deliver spectacular family entertainment, games and music. Looking forward to 2016.”

2019 Recommended award 2015 Tiny Festival Runner Up award 2014 Gold award 2013 Silver award


Flummoxed Festival

Flummoxed Festival : Discontinued

“Flummoxed is small and has spread by word of mouth… A field of friends and friends of friends. A perfect weekend getaway, a roaring fire, good tunes a place where kids can be kids and the adults can relax.”


In The Woods Festival

In The Woods Festival : Discontinued

Beautiful lights and captivating art installations are scattered throughout the forest as punters mingle with nature and music over two stages, nourished by local ales and food. A silent disco and gigantic bonfire keep things going till sunrise in a picturesque valley beside the site.

Magical Faerie Festival

Magical Faerie Festival : 17th - 19th May 2024

Relaxed, small and friendly, on the beautiful Sussex Downs, for those who still believe in Faeries. All in one field so very safe for small children.

Sun and Moon Festival

Sun and Moon Festival : No dates yet

“It was truly magical. Amazing food, an incredible programme of workshops and activities for adults and children.”

Best Day Festivals

The Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair

The Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair : No dates yet

“It’s full of magic and joy. We feel welcome as soon as we walk through the gate. It’s not commercial, I don’t feel like I have to keep buying stuff for the kids but the things that are on sale are of good quality. I have attended this festival since it first began with my daughter and now take my grandchildren. It attracts a wide variety of people with their children. It’s also educational, with lots of information about the natural world as well as the magical.”

2015 Best Day Festival award


Folk by the Oak

Folk by the Oak : 21st July 2024

A great day out for the whole family, with an expansive craft tent, workshops, children’s activities, storytelling, circus skills, and real ale bar, music stalls, vintage stalls, recycled gifts and delicious food.

2024 Recommended award 2019 Recommended award 2017 Best Day Festival award 2015 Day Festival Runner Up award


Together the People

Together the People : Discontinued

A fantastic main stage and a pop up cinema truck made this a great festival, as long as you avoid the expensive fun fair attached!


3foot People Festival

3foot People Festival : No dates yet

“3 foot festival was excellent for our little ones. Promoting local early years classes and loads of free play opportunities. Brilliant. “


We also asked you to recommend any of your favourites that haven’t been nominated. We will be adding factsheets for all the new ones, so if you could write in with a few paragraphs on why you think they should be included together with a photo if possible we will add that to the site – please send all emails to


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