Chilled in a Field 2018 Review

The family festival that feels like a proper holiday Chilled in a Field returned to Bentley in 2018 after a year off, and it felt like the festival had come back home. The venue works so well for the festival, and this year Chilled in a Field managed as close to a perfect festival as […]

Chilled in a Field 2015 Review

Chilled in a Field keeps getting better and better. This was the fourth time our family have attended this event, and it was by far the best. A mix of great music, a friendly vibe, and an amazing venue has made this little festival one of our families’ firm favourites.

Chilled in a Field 2014 Review

It’s easy to define what makes a good festival (organisation, facilities, activities and entertainment) but much harder to define what makes an exceptional one. It’s just something about the atmosphere, the mix of people and the imagination of its creators. You get this right and you see magic happen, and that’s what Chilled in a […]

Chilled in a Field 2012 Review

It was with some trepidation that we packed what seemed like our entire house into the car, to set out for our first ever overnight festival, Chilled in a Field 2012, with all three children. We had already taken our eldest to festivals before the twins were born, but this was an entirely different and […]

Chilled in a Field 2011 Review

The weather at Chilled in a Field 2011 was wonderfully sunny then heavy rain on Friday, patchy sunshine rest of time with light rain Sunday. A bit cold and windy on the last day. Review by: Fairy (with 3 year old) Getting to the festival and setting up camp: There was no queue at all, and I […]

End of the Road 2022 Review

By Natalie Paris (guest reviewer) It’s the final festival of the season and – if you think you can handle scrubbing all the glitter off the night before your kids go back to school – End of the Road is completely worth it. This compact festival is always hugely popular, selling out months in advance. […]